Surrogacy at Pulse Women's Hospital

Steps In Our Surrogacy Programme :

Step 1:

The intended Genetic parents (IGPs) schedule a consultation with us (This may also be a phone consultation).

Step 2:

The IGP undergo a detailed examination and counseling to determine whether they genuinely need surrogacy. The entire process, including the costs is explained in details.

Step 3 :

The IGP are introduced to a couple of surrogates and should select a surrogate of their choice.

Step 4:

IGPs to consult with a legal advisor on surrogacy requirements; this should include a legal agreement (including Financial Commitment) as below

  • Form J : Agreement of Surrogacy
  • Form U : Contract between Patient & The Surrogates

Legal contracts and other consent forms must be signed between the IGPs, Surrogate and PULSE. PULSE cannot and will not be involved in the financial arrangement between the IGP and surrogate, however a copy of the agreement is to be given to PULSE.

Step 5:

IGPs to deposit charges as decided.

Step 6:

Cycle Coordination: Doctor to finalize and review the exact dates for treatment cycle. Medications will also be ordered. This cannot be scheduled until above steps are completed.

Step 7:

Once the cycles are synchronized, actual treatment [stimulation of the patient and endometrial preparation of the surrogate] begins.