IVF Treatment Provided at Pulse Women's Hospital

Post IVF Follow-up:


  • You will be required to take some medications [vaginal pessaries and/or injections]. These are to be taken till the day of the pregnancy test.
  • Complete bed rest is not required during this period and you can carry out all your routine activities which do not cause discomfort.

Pregnancy Test :

  • A blood test [beta hCG] is carried out on 15th day after embryo transfer. A value of > 100 mIU / ml is considered positive. The luteal support will have to be continued and a sonography is carried out 7 - 10 days later to confirm the pregnancy and the number of sacs.
  • If the value is between 10 - 100 mIU / ml, it will have to be repeated after 2 - 3 days. A value of

Complications of IVF - ICSI


Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome is one of the major complications of IVF. It is due to production of a high number of eggs and is seen in around 2 - 5 % of all cases. It is characterized by swelling and pain in abdomen, enlargement of both ovaries, collection of fluid in the abdomen, chest and in very severe cases can be fatal. It is not completely preventable but steps are taken in high risk cases. In severe cases, the patient may require admission in ICU.

Multiple Pregnancy

The chances of multiple pregnancy depend on the number of embryos transferred : more the number of embryos transferred, higher the risk of multiple pregnancy. At Pulse 2 or at the most 3 embryos are transferred. This will be discussed with you before the procedure.

Abortion, Ectopic Pregnancy, Congenital Abnormality

The chances of all these are more or less the same as following natural conception.