Welcome to "The PULSE Experience".

Atithi Devo Bhava

Indians, from the ancient times, believe that guests are an incarnation of God and need to be treated with respect and love. Their needs and convenience are given the utmost importance. We, at Pulse, firmly believe that every patient has different needs and requirements and needs to be given individual attention. Right from the time when you think about starting the treatment till the time you celebrate your dream, we try to make the entire experience a memorable one. We delight you the Pulse Experience.

Pulse Hospital is a multi-specialty facility with Centers of Excellence in medical disciplines including IVF (popularly known as Test Tube Baby), Surrogacy, Endoscopy, Fetal Medicine, Orthodontia and Wellness. The hospitals' outpatient services include consultation facilities for all of the above specialties, laboratory and imaging services. The specialists at Pulse are handpicked individuals across medical specialties, nursing, paramedical and managerial staff. Our doctors have rich global exposure and experience of taking care of International Patients over the last decade. Continuous training programs, documented knowledge on operating protocols, at Pulse, ensure high class of medical care and clinical excellence. The ART - Assisted Reproductive Technology success rate at Pulse is at par with International Standards. Pulse is first and only hospital in India having a combination of OR1 endoscopy and Class 10,000 IVF set-up.

Established in October 2006, Pulse is instrumental in "Delivering Life" in the lives of thousands of families in form of IVF babies. The hospital has a dedicated International Patients Desk which ensures smooth flow of procedures for any international patient or visitor.

Facilities @ Pulse

Pulse is deeply committed to the highest standards of excellence in medical care. At the same time Pulse places utmost importance on the traditional Indian values of hospitality and compassionate patient care. We primarily ensure that you receive special attention and care for both your health and wellness from the time you start interacting with us.

To ensure that you have a pleasant experience with Pulse we have an exclusive International Patients Lounge to cater to your needs.

Plan Your Trip

Step 1

Our website provides details information about the specialized treatments that Pulse provides. It also gives you details about the hospital, doctors and various amenities. We hope to resolve most of your queries thru the information provided here but should you have further doubts, please feel free to write to us or give us a call. Take a tour of our website to understand who we are, where we are, what services we provide, and what our hospital facilities are. We intend to make your Pulse Experience as pleasant as possible.

Step 2

To make sure your journey is hassle free,  kindly make a note of the following

  • Even though you undertake the treatment at Pulse, you may need to follow-up with your local doctors. Keeping them informed about your treatment time and duration will ensure a timely follow-up.
  • Once you understand the procedure and the result, compare what it will achieve to what are your expectations. Gather details on the pre-treatment and post-treatment care needed.
  • Please note that, in most cases, the final decisions on your treatment will be made only after the doctor meets you and examines you in person. It is possible that your doctor, upon examining you, may decide the treatment is not suitable or recommend an alternate treatment which is different from what you have planned.
  • Understand the type of VISA associated with your travel and the documents required to procure the VISA. We will help you with any documents that are needed to show that you will be coming here for treatment.

A list of documents that you need to keep with you at the time of travel:

  • Passport/Visa: A passport with valid Indian Visa will always be required.
  • Carry all your medical reports, X-Rays, immunization records, prescriptions, lab-reports or any other health record relevant to the treatment. It is advised that these records be a carried as a part of your hand luggage to ensure its safety.
  • Carry part of your money in local cash currency and part of it as travellers check. Carry your debit and credit card for emergencies.

Step 3

The international patients lounge of Pulse Hospitals can help organize your stay in reputed five star, three star or comfortable guest rooms - according to your budget.

Along with your treatment, you may like to experience Incredible India. For your convenience, we have a Travel Desk which can organize tours ranging from one day city excursion to couple of days visit to the tourist attraction. We will provide customized itenaries (including costing details) based on your requirements.