Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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My husband and I have been married for 1 year. We are both healthy and have an active sex life. I have still not conceived. What should be done?

How can I determine my "fertile" period?

Is it necessary to have intercourse daily during the fertile period to achieve pregnancy?

I have been trying for a pregnancy for some time. My periods are irregular. Can this create a problem?

After having sex, most of the semen leaks out of my vagina. Can this cause infertility?

Is it important for my husband also to be tested if we are having problems in conceiving?

My husband's semen count is low. What should he do?

My semen report shows that there are no sperms [ azoospermia ] in it. Will I be able to father a child?

My husband and I live in different towns. Is it possible for us to have infertility treatment at your place.

My doctor feels that the reason for my infertility is that my uterus is tipped backwards which prevents the sperm from swimming into the uterus. He has advised surgery to correct this problem. Should I go ahead?

My HSG (X-ray of uterus and tubes) suggestive of bilateral tubal blockage? What should I do now.