Surrogacy at Pulse Women's Hospital

Details on Surrogacy

Pulse Women's Hospital has been offering Surrogacy services since the very beginning.The most common indication for Surrogacy is that the woman does not have a healthy uterus. There can be many reasons for this including: infection, small size, scar tissue and poor endometrial development. The uterus could have been surgically removed or the woman could have been born with ovaries but no uterus. It is also offered to women who are medically unfit to carry a pregnancy or have had repeated pregnancy loss due to uterine factors.

Given below are some questions on which you can find answers on the following pages:

  1. Who needs surrogacy?
  2. How can a surrogate be found?
  3. How is the treatment carried out : synchronization, etc
  4. Legal aspect.
    • Govt. of India Guidelines.
    • Legal Forms.

Surrogacy In A Nutshell

Surrogacy at Pulse Women's Hospital

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